15-16 MARCH | International Convention Centre, Sydney

Once again, we are excited to participate in the 12th Annual Australian Healthcare Week (AHW) 2023.

As an exhibition partner, we will be on hand at booth 109 and can’t wait to showcase our mobility, workflow, and cybersecurity solutions.  

We collaborate with market-leading vendors and bring you comprehensive Connected Health solutions to help healthcare providers with their digital transformation strategy.  

Our deep industry experience and purpose-built solutions enable healthcare staff to be safe and mobile, protect data, optimise operations and workflow, and improve patient outcomes.  


Experience firsthand the technology solutions implemented at renowned hospitals including ACT Health, Eastern Health, Parkville Precinct Hospitals, and Sunshine Coast University Hospital. 

Register for a demo session, explore different use cases, and be in the running to win an Apple Watch Series 8

Connected Health overview

We partner with leading ecosystem partners and best-of-breed technology to deliver innovative healthcare solutions for your organisation. If you would like to know more about the vendors we work with, our capability from solution design, project delivery, training and managed services, and customised pricing models, book a demo above.

Mobility and workflow solutions

Our mobility solutions enable healthcare workers to stay connected and responsive to patient needs. With a range of wireless communication devices and specific healthcare applications, we help providers improve communication and workflow within their healthcare facilities.  

Enable your staff to call for help to protect themselves in any threatening situation. Discover how smart devices can put protective measures at the worker’s fingertips with personal duress alarms that let security responders track their location and find them faster.

Integration with nurse call provides seamless communication between patients and nurses. The integration connects the clinical communication platform with nurse call systems, enabling nurses to receive patient requests for assistance directly on their smart devices. This improves response times and lets nurses prioritise patient needs more effectively.

Clinical collaboration and workflow solutions reduce information siloes and provide meaningful patient information to clinicians at the right time, letting them make informed decisions quickly. The solution enables clinicians to manage all communication including voice calls, secure text messages, alerts, and alarm notifications on one device. Care teams are then able to discuss their patient condition in real-time, seek a second opinion from a specialist and collaborate between each other. 

Task management systems are used in hospitals to streamline and automate the various tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis. Nurses use the system to request patient transfers from porters. Ward services use it to request bed turnover from cleaners. And, building engineering use it to manage their maintenance requests. The system is linked to the hospital’s messaging system, allowing for easy communication and coordination between departments. This solution ensures efficient workflow, delivering an improved overall patient experience.

Smart data capture-enabled devices let healthcare workers scan patient ID bands, order medical supplies quickly, count inventory with lower hardware costs than dedicated scanning devices, and swiftly locate the right medication.   

Designed specifically for hospitals, our solutions streamline data collection and analysis in both clinical and facility settings, improving efficiency and reducing errors.  

Cybersecurity solutions

While the ongoing digital transformation in healthcare has delivered tangible benefits to facilities, caregivers and patients, it has also led to an explosion of cybersecurity challenges facing healthcare organisations.

Connected Health delivers a comprehensive end-to-end cybersecurity response from best-of-breed vendors that address these challenges. 

Select your topic of interest below and join us at booth 109 to speak with our cybersecurity experts to learn more about how our solutions can protect your organisation.



Alicia Schottler, national mobility channel manager

Having more than 14 years of experience in the field of mobility and telecommunications, Alicia is a highly knowledgeable professional in the domain of workflow and mobility solutions. Her expertise lies in enabling aged care providers to deliver superior staff and resident experiences. Alicia collaborates closely with channel partners and provides comprehensive support across all stages, including pre-sales, post-sales, and training. 

Christopher Keah, solutions architect

Chris is an experienced solutions architect in healthcare ICT, having worked on the vendor side across public and private healthcare projects. A few notable projects include the Gold Coast University Hospital, Sunshine Coast University Hospital, and Victorian Cancer Centre. He has broad technical experience across systems integration, clinical messaging, voice over Wi-Fi (VoW-Fi), real-time locating systems (RTLS), nurse call, clinical mobility, medical device integration, and patient collaboration.  

Phuc Nguyen, service delivery manager

Phuc is a healthcare technology expert with extensive knowledge in voice, mobility, and workflow applications. He specialises in deploying vendor platforms and seamlessly integrating them with healthcare systems. He has a proven track record of successfully delivering large-scale Connected Health solutions rollouts at renowned hospitals such as the Royal Children’s Hospital, the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Sunshine Coast University Hospital, and ACT Health. In addition to his technical expertise, Phuc provides comprehensive pre-and post-sales support to his clients.  

To see the practical application of some of the aforementioned use cases, watch the ACT Health video case study here:


Here are some helpful resources from our team and the vendors that we work with. 


We partner with leading ecosystem partners and best-of-breed technology to deliver innovative healthcare solutions for your organisation.  

Connected Health has nurtured relationships with the world’s leading brands, ensuring we bring the best-in-breed solutions to the market. Our deep level of support for both pre- and post-sales, training and events, and specialised pricing models are all results of these productive and well-nurtured relationships. 


Join Connected Health at booth 109! 

Register for a demo session, explore different use cases, and be in the running to win An Apple Watch Series 8

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