Connected Health have nurtured relationships with the world’s leading brands ensuring we bring the best in breed technology to the ANZ market. Today, our vendor relationships are stronger and more engaged than ever. Our deep level of support both pre and post-sale, our training and events as well as a specialised pricing models are all results of these productive and well nurtured relationships.

Alcatel Lucent Enterprise

ALE’s healthcare solutions connect patients, staff, devices, processes and facilities efficiently, securely and in compliance with privacy laws. ALE provides the tools that deliver critically important services that help optimise the patient care pathway. Simplified, efficient and secure communications allow clinicians to better collaborate and spend more time with the people who matter most – their patients. The result is better outcomes for patients, staff and communities.


Digital technology is visibly transforming the healthcare industry in many ways. Care providers at hospitals move from room to room, accessing myriad electronic devices and records to provide the best care possible.

Growing along with the digital transformation is the looming threat of cybercriminals eyeing hospital systems and records. Protecting healthcare organisation is becoming an ever-popular topic and Fortinet helps by enabling the Latest Advances in Patient Care While Protecting Against Cyberattacks


Imprivata—the digital identity company for healthcare—provides identity, authentication, and access management solutions that are purpose-built to solve healthcare’s unique workflow, security, and compliance challenges.


As a leader in Indoor Journey Analytics, we optimise processes and resources by revealing how patients move through your facility. Using RTLS, IoT, and AI, we uncover waste, streamline capacity, and help your patients and staff have a better day. Discover’s full spectrum of healthcare solutions for medical device tracking, staff safety, patient flow, wayfinding, and much more.


Powered by Medigate’s purpose-built technology and deep domain expertise, Claroty empowers healthcare providers to reliably serve patients while safely connecting to the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT).


Mobicall supports a variety of standardized and manufacturer-specific interfaces in order to ensure a comprehensive integration of clinical, administrative and technical system in use. Based on events, Mobicall can interactively alert staff or in-house technicians, both individually and on a group basis, through all known media using voice, text and image messages.


Digital collaboration in healthcare poses many unique challenges. Olinqua addresses these challenges and better empower the healthcare workforces with, secure communications, role-based workflows, situational awareness, and realtime system integrations.


The Scandit Smart Data Capture platform enables smart devices, such as smartphones or robots, to interact with physical items by capturing data from barcodes, text, and IDs. When used in the healthcare industry, Scandit technology empowers healthcare professionals and organisations to enhance patient safety, improve compliance, and increase staff efficiencies by modernising and digitising operations.​

With Scandit technology, healthcare staff can efficiently access and track medical records in real time by scanning information on patient wristbands, specimens, and medical supplies with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and intelligence. Scandit’s scanning technology can be installed on any smart device, including purpose-built smartphones like Spectralink Versity devices. Compared to dedicated scanning devices, Scandit’s barcode scanning software can achieve scanning speeds up to three times faster, even in challenging conditions such as low light, difficult angles, and damaged labels.


The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly reliant on mobile and IoT devices to revolutionise the delivery of patient care and improve health outcomes. Advancements in mobile device capabilities, and healthcare organisations’ technical infrastructure, have enabled medical practitioners to deploy devices to securely collect patient data, update patient records and assist invaluable research for gaining deeper insights into collected data.

Connected mobile technology is equally important in delivering quality in-home care. Patients expect fast and reliable service from their healthcare providers, and caregivers want to provide consistent quality care.


Spectralink empowers hospitals to deliver better patient care with our clinical mobility solutions that integrate seamlessly with hospital networks and leading healthcare applications. With 25 years of experience serving the healthcare market, their solutions offer superior voice quality and fast, secure data access.

VOCERA, now part of Stryker

Vocera is now part of Stryker and offers the leading platform for communication and workflow optimisation. The company simplifies and improves the lives of healthcare professionals and patients while enabling hospitals to enhance quality of care and operational efficiency.