Improve your healthcare operations with the AiRISTA Mobile app on Spectralink Versity

Healthcare organisations can now enjoy the benefits of the AiRISTA Mobile app on Spectralink Versity. The app essentially emulates the behaviour of the AiRISTA B4n badge tag, which is a Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) technology developed by AiRISTA Flow.

This technology offers reliable tracking solutions, enabling healthcare organisations to manage staff safety, equipment, and resources, more efficiently. By leveraging the AiRISTA Mobile app on Spectralink Versity, healthcare providers can achieve greater operational efficiency and improved patient care.


Saves time

Reduce response time and avert a serious incident in the event of staff duress.

Saves costs

Locate and manage assets. Minimise the number of devices unaccounted for and reduce losses.

Easy to use

Simple and fast to deploy without the need for lengthy or costly training.

24/7 support

Supported by a team of expert, readily available staff to help you get started.

Watch the AiRISTA mobile app on Spectralink Versity demo:



Christopher Keah, solutions architect

Chris is an experienced solutions architect in healthcare ICT after having worked on the vendor side across public and private healthcare projects. Among his notable achievements are his contributions to the Gold Coast University Hospital, Sunshine Coast University Hospital, and Victorian Cancer Centre projects. Chris has broad technical experience across systems integration, clinical messaging, voice-over Wi-Fi, RTLS, nurse call, clinical mobility, medical device integration, and patient collaboration.

Karryn Panoutsopoulos, clinical mobility lead

With over 20 years of B2B account management experience in the healthcare and government sectors, Karryn specialises in helping organisations achieve their sustainable goals. She believes that strong business relationships are essential and offers comprehensive pre- and post-sales support. Karryn’s areas of expertise include mobile computing, data capture, secure communication tools, Microsoft Teams integration, device management, single sign-on, duress, eMR integration, asset management, location services, and task management. These solutions offer real-time intelligence and a connected health environment.​

Phuc Nguyen, service delivery manager

Phuc is a healthcare technology expert with extensive knowledge in voice, mobility, and workflow applications. He specialises in deploying vendor platforms and seamlessly integrating them with healthcare systems. He has a proven track record of successfully delivering large-scale Connected Health solutions rollouts at renowned hospitals such as the Royal Children’s Hospital, the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Sunshine Coast University Hospital, and ACT Health. In addition to his technical expertise, Phuc provides comprehensive pre- and post-sales support to his clients.


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