Healthcare providers operate in a fast-paced environment where patient care is the highest priority. Healthcare settings are complicated by the challenges of managing a variable flow of patients and staff members, while also actively monitoring the use of equipment, facilities, and other resources. The need to respond quickly to emergencies while accounting for the whereabouts of healthcare staff further compounds these challenges.  

Real-time location systems (RTLS) technology, developed by AiRISTA Flow, offers reliable solutions for tracking the location and movement of both assets and people. The implementation of RTLS technology ensures healthcare organisations can more efficiently manage their equipment, resources, and staff safety, ultimately leading to greater operational efficiency and improved patient care. 

Healthcare organisations can now enjoy the benefits of the AiRISTA mobile app on Spectralink Versity. This app essentially emulates the behaviour of the AiRISTA B4n badge tag. The AiRISTA mobile app on the Spectralink Versity is an exceptional example of how RTLS can improve staff safety and communication, as well as support asset management in the healthcare setting.  

If a dedicated duress alarm is activated on the Spectralink Versity, the AiRISTA Flow system detects it using indoor positioning and identifies the location of each healthcare worker. The real-time location of the distressed worker is then relayed to the security response team, letting them respond promptly and effectively, reducing response times and potentially averting serious incidents. 

From a device management standpoint, using the AiRISTA mobile app on Spectralink Versity gives healthcare IT administrators immediate visibility into their resource management. Not only does this make it quicker and easier to locate Spectralink Versity smartphones when they are required, but it also means the smartphones will be used more effectively and regularly, reducing the need to purchase more quantity than is needed. 

Healthcare mobility has become a critical aspect of a connected hospital system, letting organisations increase productivity, improve patient experiences, and streamline operations.  

When it comes to selecting a mobile duress solution, it’s important to consider the benefits that come with integrating emergency communication and staff safety in a single device. Some of the key attributes of the Spectralink Versity for mobile duress solutions include:  

  • Dedicated: the ability to initiate a staff duress alert inside and outside a hospital through a purpose-built smart device with a dedicated alarm button.  
  • Automatic: an automatically activated alarm if the device is not moving or lying flat (man down) for a pre-programmed period or the user is detected as running.  
  • Smart: automatic notifications to security responders while inside the hospital, or notifications to police services if outside the hospital, without having to make a single phone call.  
  • Discreet: a smart device that activates a blank screen when the duress button is pressed, facilitating discreet help-seeking without alerting an aggressor, while keeping the user informed that assistance is on the way through low-intensity vibrations.  
  • Accurate: the ability to accurately locate both the device and the staff member inside a building.  
  • Reliable: the ability to escalate the alarm if rejected by security responders, or if security responders do not acknowledge it within an appropriate period.  
  • Ruggedised: durable, drop-tested, and water-resistant design. 
  • Clinical grade: ruggedised design that is not an infection control risk, is easy to clean, and can withstand cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants without losing form or functionality.  

Discover how your healthcare organisation can benefit from the AiRISTA mobile app on Spectralink Versity, view the demo here:

At Connected Health, we understand the importance of staff safety and asset management in a healthcare setting and believe that this can be achieved through the right integrated solution. The AiRISTA mobile app on Spectralink Versity is the perfect transition solution for healthcare organisations still constrained by legacy communications devices and unable to modernise their wireless network infrastructure. 

Our technology is designed with this in mind and is purpose-built to meet the needs of the healthcare industry. Get in touch with the Connected Health team today and discover how your healthcare organisation can benefit from the AiRISTA mobile app on Spectralink Versity.