As healthcare professionals increasingly embrace mobility within hospital settings, the reliance on mobile devices grows exponentially. Spectralink Versity smartphones, designed for enterprise use, are pivotal in supporting and optimising essential workflows. These purpose-built devices contribute to efficient and effective care delivery, from patient identity management to clinical communications and lab collections.

Imprivata Mobile Device Access takes this efficiency a step further by facilitating swift and secure access to Spectralink Versity devices. Leveraging a proximity badge, users can effortlessly unlock their devices and employ single sign-on (SSO) authentication to access supported applications. This eliminates the need for manually entering usernames and passwords, saving clinicians valuable time and effort.

Key benefits of Imprivata Mobile Device Access:

  • Streamlined workflow: accelerate access to clinical applications through secure SSO authentication, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.
  • Clinician satisfaction: lets users allocate more time to patient care by minimising administrative hurdles.
  • Enhanced security: elevate security measures and audit trails, providing more precise insights into user interactions with mobile devices accessing sensitive patient information.
  • Unlocking potential: optimise the functionality of Spectralink Versity smartphones by seamlessly integrating access to clinical mobile applications, removing adoption barriers.

Imprivata Mobile Device Access addresses the common challenge of lost productivity caused by manual credentials entry. By implementing SSO for mobile applications, this solution saves countless hours and streamlines clinical workflows, empowering healthcare providers to focus on what matters most: patient care.

The secure, fast user switching enhances the versatility of Spectralink Versity smartphones in shared device environments. A simple badge tap lets clinicians swiftly log in or out, maximising the benefits of these smartphones in collaborative settings.

For comprehensive monitoring and simplified reporting, Imprivata Mobile Device Access logs all device and SSO-enabled application access events in a centralised database. This data, housed within a secure virtual or physical appliance, offers administrators a detailed overview of Versity smartphone usage. This visibility delivers swift responses to audit inquiries, streamlining reporting for IT administrators and providing organisations with a clearer picture of how, when, and where clinicians access and interact with patient health information on mobile devices.

Watch a brief demo here:

Imprivata Mobile Device Access on Spectralink Versity smartphones is more than just an authentication solution; it’s a strategic investment in elevating healthcare delivery by unlocking the full potential of mobile technology at the bedside.

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