As Australia grapples with the impacts of an ageing population and the associated demographic pressures, we must be ever mindful of the quality of care that is being delivered to the elderly. Senior citizens are among the most vulnerable members of our community, and their treatment reflects the standards, principles, and ethics that underpin modern society.

Treatment of the elderly must focus on dignity, respect, and enhancing the length and quality of life. The industry is built on patience and compassion, imperatives that can only be delivered by a workforce that is equipped with the correct tools. Technological innovations are playing an increasingly vital role from knee and hip replacements, memory-enhancing medications, mobility vehicles, and careful patient monitoring for those in assisted living environments.

Specific technology that can assist aged care providers includes:

  • Converged and future-proof IT infrastructure to deliver the communications and data that staff members require to efficiently respond to residents’ needs.
  • High-quality Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure caregivers and residents stay connected inside and outside the facility.
  • Mobile communications for real-time interactions and enhanced personal security.
  • Efficient collaboration to enable caregivers to connect in real-time with teams on-site and remotely.
  • Location services and equipment to free up time to spend with residents.
  • Messaging and notifications to reinforce resident and staff safety, with a streamlined alarm workflow.
  • IoT-enablement providing the tools to empower residents with the autonomy they desire.

The optimal use of such technologies can facilitate both higher levels of patient care and enhanced employee satisfaction. Time spent on repetitive administrative tasks is time that cannot be spent providing face-to-face contact and other life-changing moments.

Equipping your team with the latest solutions can help lift employee morale, reduce staff turnover and absenteeism, and ensure higher levels of well-being and job satisfaction. The tools that best allow them to provide the greatest levels of care are not a luxury, but a powerful motivator to constantly strive for better patient outcomes.

Connected Health collaborates with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise to offer technology-driven solutions tailored to Australian Aged Care facilities’ specific challenges. We recognise the diverse operations, needs, and infrastructure of each facility, ensuring a consultative approach to understand your requirements. Our strategic solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure. Contact Connected Health to explore how we can enhance your operations and elevate resident care.